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I keep losing part of the teeth on my ring or pinion gear.

You can download the procedure to check gear backlash here.

The blade comes off the wheel when I make a cut.

Run the saw with the saw head up and check to see if the blade runs on the wheels properly when not cutting. If the blade only pops off only after the cut begins then the band tension is too low. Most times this can be fixed by lubricating the blade tension take up screw and re-tightening the blade.
If the blade comes off the wheels even when not cutting then the “pitch” or angle of the wheels needs to be adjusted. See the operating manual for details.

The blade strips all the teeth after very few cuts.

This is very common and is caused by the improper setting of one of the three sawing basics. Please review Basic Set-Up Instructions for your saw.

The cut is straight from front to back but is crooked from top to bottom.

This can be caused by one or more of three things: too much head weight, improper blade guide alignment, or a worn or damaged blade. Exchange the blade with a new one (carefully save the old blade as it may be okay). If the problem does not change then the problem is in the Set-Up. See the Basic Set-Up Instructions or the Operation Manual for your saw.

The cut is straight from top to bottom but not front to back.

The saw needs a simple alignment to set the blade square to the stationary vise jaw. See the alignment instructions for this step.

I’ve tried all of these suggestions and it still doesn’t work.

Send an email to our Support Department and we’ll get right back to you. Or call us at 269-345-1132 and ask for Technical Support.