In December of 2008 Wellsaw began a program to contact the owners of the bandsaw model 1316S to inform them of an important safety upgrade. If you have not been contacted by our factory and own this saw model please read the following notice:


This notice is to inform you of an safety upgrade THAT IS AVAILABLE for your bandsaw machine. If you no longer own this saw Model please contact us at 269-345-1132 or check the appropriate box at the end of this notice and fax it to:

FAX: 269-345-0095

Blade Guard Upgrade #150484

Recently, the Wellsaw model 1316S Swivel Head Bandsaw celebrated its ninth year in production here in Kalamazoo, Michigan. In that time it has become one of our most popular models.

In our continuing effort to improve both the performance and safety of our products we have developed a new blade guard that covers the exposed portion of the bandsaw blade between the stationary vise and the stationary blade guide. Without this guard your local OSHA inspector may determine that the saw is not in compliance with current guarding standards*.

To assist you in making a safer working environment and to avoid a possible Non-Compliance Violation with OSHA we will send this guard to you free of charge.

  • The guard can be easily installed in about five minutes. It requires no modifications or special tools to install.
  • The guard is fixed and does not change the operation of the saw.

We strongly encourage you to participate in this upgrade. Please contact us by phone (269-345-1132) to confirm your saw serial number and the machine location. We will then ship the guard kit and the installation instructions to you at no charge. Included in the package will be a Confirmation Letter that should be signed and mailed back to us. We will keep this in your Saw History File.

* See OSHA 1910.20-12 (a)(3)(i)/Point of Operation Guarding and ANSI/ B11.10-1990, 2.25.